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With a decade of experience and a solid reputation in the cycle courier scene for hard-wearing and functional equipment, skingrowsback has turned its street utility background towards the urban citizen and their daily carry requirements.
With a massive array of modular components, almost all skingrowsback bags can be configured to suit the individual. An extensive colour range offers a unique vibe for those looking for something beyond the standard issue.
The backstory: The founders of skingrowsback, Jamie and Catt, started making backpacks and carrying equipment for local Sydney couriers. With hands-on working knowledge of the streets, they were armed with the technical ins and outs of this demanding occupation. Being able to design products that work first and look good second was paramount. Hence the term “tech chic”, function followed by form.
Fast forward to the present day and skingrowsback has a much broader appeal. A number of different techniques were discovered in the development of some of the most hard-core courier bags on the planet. This is evident in the current design aesthetic which holds true to our tagline - Technical Urban Utility.